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CBD products come in many forms. Depending on the form, the dosing and other instructions will vary. Topicals, like balms, creams, and lotions, come in varying strengths. These are generally intended to be applied as you would a normal moisturizer — by massaging it gently into the area you’re treating, slowly adding more, as needed. CBD oils and tinctures are relatively easy to use too, although they can be a bit messy to measure, especially if you’re on the go. They can be added to food or drinks, or you can place them under your tongue (many come with a dropper for measuring) and hold them there for up to 1 minute before swallowing. CBD gummies, pills, and capsules, on the other hand, are easier to dose, store, and use while traveling. You take these as you would any non-CBD gummy or pill. Finding the right dosage for you generally depends on factors, like your body weight, the concentration of the CBD you’re taking, your experience with CBD, and the condition you’re treating. The Best CBD Oil.  Shop CBD www.thehempnurse.com