Tranquility Topical CBD Oil Relief Patch – 50mg

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Tranquility Topical CBD Oil Relief Patch – 50mg CBD Oil

  • 50mg of Full Spectrum CBD per patch
  • Strength lasts 4-5 days of Superior Organic Relief
  • Designed for Topical Application only
  • Water-Resistant
  • In addition to our Award-Winning High Quality CBD Oils, we offer the highest level of customer support to assist you in your CBD product selection. 

These powerful CBD Pain Relief Topical Patches offer rapid relief directly to areas of that are in need of relief and may help with overall general muscle discomfort.  These organic patches are all natural and each contain 50mg of our Award-Winning high concentrate Gold Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.  These Topical Pain Relief Patches offer immediate relief and can be worn for 4-5 days of consistent relief while water-resistant for an extended duration of use.

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5 reviews for Tranquility Topical CBD Oil Relief Patch – 50mg

  1. Barbara C.

    This patch worked well for my pain but it I read it should last 3-5 days but seems that it only lasted 4 and I was expecting 5.

  2. Andrew C.

    I tried this patch after a back injury from hunting and they worked very well for me. I use them also when I do yard work now to prevent me from being sore afterwards. Good Product.

  3. Karl O

    The HEMP Topical Patches on the net. I have tried several and these actually work and last a long time even after showers, I love it. Definitely Recommend

  4. Lauren Young

    These are absolutley remarkable! I highly recommend these little guys, I used them on back injury from work and they REALLY work. Also they are water proof in the shower so this is the only patch I have found that delivers “Consistent” CBD Pain Relief

  5. Marianne Murphy

    I don’t know what I would do without my mid-morning CBD Gummies and my CBD Drops before bedtime. I’ve been a physical fitness enthusiast my entire adult life. At my current age of 53, .1500mg of CBD each morning provides me with the energy, motivation and enthusiasm I need to conduct my demanding, daily fitness workouts.
    Taking 25 Mg CBD Gummies each evening before bedtime helps me to get a good night’s sleep which leaves me looking forward to the start of each new day. Thanks THN!

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